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Acrylic 120 count body oil Display with the product

Part Number 108
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Acrylic 120 count body oil Display with the product
Acrylic 120 count body oil Display with the product
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African Musk (U)
African Peach (U)
Angel (W)
Aqua Di Gio ( M)
Armani Code ( W)
Baby Phat (W)
Baby Powder (U)
Be Delicious (U)
Beautiful ( W)
Black Cherry Sorbet (U)
Black Code (M)
Black Love (M)
Black Man (M)
Black Musk (U)
Blessing (U)
Blue Monday ( U)
Blue Nile (U)
Blue Sugar (M)
Bora Bora ( M)
Burberry (M)
Burberry Touch (M)
Burberry Touch (W)
Butt Naked (U)
Chameli (W)
Channel Number 5 (W)
China Musk (U)
CK-1 (M)
Coco Mango (U)
Cool Water (M)
Curve (M)
Desire (M)
Desire (W)
Dolce & Gabbana (M)
Dolce & Gabbana Blue (M)
Dolce & Gabbana Blue (W)
Dolce Light Blue (M)
Dolce Light Blue (W)
Drakkar Noir (M)
Eat It Raw (W)
Ed Hardy (M)
Ed Hardy (W)
Egyptian Musk (U)
Ellen Tracy ( M)
Escape (M)
Eternity (M)
Fahrenheit (M)
Fantasy by Britney Spears (W)
Forever by Mariah Carey (W)
Franken Myrrh (M)
Gardenia (U)
Glow by J.Lo (M)
Gucci (M)
Gucci Guilty (M)
Gucci Guilty (W)
Gucci II (M)
Gucci II (W)
Gucci Rush (M)
Gucci Rush (W)
Hearts & Daggers (W)
Heat by Beyonce (W)
Holy Basil (W)
Hot Water (M)
I Am King by Sean John (M)
Issey Miyake (M)
J'adore (W)
Jamaican Fruit (U)
Japanese Cherry Blossom (W)
Jasmine Blossoms (U)
Jean Paul Gaultier (M)
Joop (W)
Juicy Couture (W)
Kenneth Cole Black (M)
Kewra (U)
Kim Kardashian (F)
Kush ( U)
Lavender D’Amour (U)
Leather (M)
Lemon Grass (W)
Lick Me All Over (W)
Live by J.Lo (W)
Love (U)
Love Spell (W)
Magnetism (W)
Mango (W)
Michelle Obama (W)
Mogra (U)
Money (U)
My Life by Mary J. Blige (W)
Nag Champa (U)
Nautica (M)
Night Crush (W)
Night Queen (W)
No Boundaries (M)
Obsession (M)
Ocean Breeze ( U)
Ocean Dreams ( U)
Opium (M)
Paris Hilton ( W)
Patchouli (U)
Paul Sebastian (M)
Peachy Peach ( U)
Perry Ellis (M)
Perry Ellis 360 (W)
Pineapple (W)
Pink Sugar (W)
Pleasures ( W)
Plum Blossom (U)
Polo Black (M)
P.S. I Love You (W)
Polo Blue (M)
Polo Purple (M)
Polo Sport (M)
Pomegranate (U)
Pure Orchid by Halle Berry (W)
Pussy (U)
Rain ( U)
Rain Kissed Leaves (U)
Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna (W)
Reveal by Halle Berry (W)
Romance (W)
Rose ( U)
Sandalwood (U)
Sean John (M)
Sex on the Beach (U)
Sexual Sugar Daddy (M)
Strawberry (W)
Sweet Nut (U)
Sweet Peach (W)
Tease (W)
The One (M)
The One (W)
Tommy Girl ( W)
Unforgivable (M)
Unforgivable (W)
Usher (M)
Usher (W)
Vanilla Crème (U)
Versace Dreamer ( M)
Victoria Secret (W)
Viva la Juicy (W)
White Diamonds (W)
White Linen (W)
Assorted Fragrance and colors total number 120 1/3 oz. of body oil.made with high quality Oil it takes only 6 inch square place on counter. It is mounted on 4 inch rotating disc. 100 of them have been sold for stores
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